Frequently asked questions

Does the B1 work on soft ground?

Yes! The B1 will work anywhere. No impact forces are required for detonation so it will work on grass, mud, concrete or wood, 100% of the time.

How loud is the B1?

The B1 uses .209 shotgun primers producing a sound level of less than 110 db so can be used on most sites in the United Kingdom.

Do you ship worldwide?

As our products have the appearance of destructive devices, they may be prohibited within your country. Please contact us first at pulse.arma@gmail.com before placing an order.

Why do I need a B1?

Think of the B1 as a friend that you throw into places that you dont want to go into and they get rid of all of the enemies for you.

What happens if the delivered product is faulty or if something is missing?

In the unlikely event that something arrives to you damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately and make us aware of your problem. If applicable, a replacement product will be dispatched to you. Please be aware that a replacement will only be dispatched once we have recieved the original item back and have checked and confirmed that it is faulty.

What if I lose my B1?

We hope that you never lose your grenade, but if you do, we hope that you have made note of your devices unique serial number. Report this to the site at which you lost the device and hopefully they can locate it for you.

How does the variable timing work?

The variable timing is our proprietary technology that allows you to adjust the delay on your device. This is is not click positions, it is completely adjustable, anywhere from zero seconds upwards.