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  • Can I use a 12 Gauge or 9mm Blank Holder on my 209 device?
    Although bases are cross compatible i.e. a 12ga base will fit a 209 device, we are not allowed to sell bases (and strongly advise against) for use on another calibre device. The reason for this is proofing. All Pulse Armament's products are proved in accordance with International Standards. This requires all devices to be certified or individually tested and then marked accordingly with their calibre. Only the calibre marked on the device has been tested with that device. The legal words... "A Small Arm shall not be sold or exchanged, or be attempted to be sold or exchanged,...unless and until the Barrel or every Barrel thereof has been duly proved at the Proof House..." - The Gun Barrel Proof Act 1968 (condensed text)
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes we ship worldwide! We have agreements for sending our products with UPS and have had very few issues. The only products that cannot be shipped internationally (outside United Kingdom) are any pyrotechnics or blanks.
  • Does the B1 work on soft ground?
    Yes! The B1 will work anywhere. No impact forces are required for detonation so it will work on grass, mud, concrete or wood, 100% of the time.
  • How loud is the B1?
    The B1 uses .209 shotgun primers producing a sound level of less than 110 db so can be used on most sites in the United Kingdom.
  • How does the variable timing work?
    The variable timing is our proprietary technology that allows you to adjust the delay on your device. This is is not click positions, it is completely adjustable, anywhere from zero seconds upwards.
  • Why do I need a B1?
    Think of the B1 as a friend that you throw into places that you dont want to go into and they get rid of all of the enemies for you.
  • What happens if the delivered product is faulty or if something is missing?
    In the unlikely event that something arrives to you damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately and make us aware of your problem. If applicable, a replacement product will be dispatched to you. Please be aware that a replacement will only be dispatched once we have recieved the original item back and have checked and confirmed that it is faulty.
  • What if I lose my B1?
    We hope that you never lose your grenade, but if you do, we hope that you have made note of your devices unique serial number. Report this to the site at which you lost the device and hopefully they can locate it for you.
  • I've damaged my product. Is it repairable?
    We will do our best to repair any product that we sell in the most cost effective way for our customers that are outside of our product lifetime*. Some repairs will require you to send the product back to us for assessment and repair. This is to enable us to correctly identify the fault and ensure that all parts work well with each other prior to returning them to you. If you have a damaged product, contact us and we can start the process. For more information on repairs, go to our "Shipping and Returns" page.
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