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Tri-Shot Manual

This instruction manual is to cover the use of a Tri-Shot adapter fitted to a B1 Variable Timed Training Device. Tri-shot is intended to enable the user to quickly reload their B1 device, without the need to handle .209 Primers and without the need to unscrew their blank holder. 

Cycle 2.png


  1. Follow normal B1 priming instructions to prime device.

  2. Load one .209 primer into each of the three chambers (3 primers)

  3. Rotate the "Lever" away from the "Main Body" to lower the "Tumbler"

  4. Rotate "Tumbler" to position number 1 (One Dot)

  5. Rotate "Lever" towards the "Main Body" to raise the "Tumbler"

  6. Screw Tri-shot into the B1 device to secure in place. Ensure that it is screwed in securely. 

  7. Proceed to deploy B1 as normal.


  1. Following successful deployment of your device, it will need resetting and re-chambering.

  2. Rotate Tri-shot "Lever" away from "Main Body" to lower the "Tumbler"

  3. Rotate the "Tumbler" to the load position (symbolised: ↑)

  4. Insert extended "Loading Tool" (supplied) into the small load hole on the bottom of Tri-shot

  5. Hold device firmly with "Spoon" unobstructed and feed “Loading Tool” through Tri-shot until it makes contact with “Firing Pin” tip.

  6. Push the “Loading Tool” HARD until it stops and hold in place.

  7. Press and hold the “Spoon”, directly over the spring as shown on the B1 instruction diagram.

  8. Remove the “Loading Tool” as the firing pin is now held by the spoon.

  9. Re-insert “Safety Pin”.

  10. Release pressure from spoon and wait for 10 seconds to ensure that the “Firing Pin” is correctly loaded.

  11. After 10 seconds, rotate "Tumbler" to next chamber position (2) 

  12. Close "Lever" towards "Main Body" to raise "Tumbler" into position. (this step may be stiff dependant on brand of .209 primer and how they expand during firing)

  13. Deploy device as normal. 

  14. Repeat steps 1 through 12 to re-chamber your third and final .209 primer. 

Loading Demo.png
Shot 2.png

Care & Maintenance

Tri-shot is not a sealed unit and will therefore require care to be taken to ensure smooth operation. 

The device only requires attention when you feel that the performance of the device has reduced due to dirt and debris. 

The device is held together by 5 screws (4&1) that retain the bottom plate. Removal of these screws allows access to the workings of the device for cleaning and maintenance if required. This should only be carried out by competent persons. We cannot be held responsible if you lose half of the components! 

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