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Multiple airsoft grenades

Gen 2 ".209 Primer" B1 Variable Timing Training Device - Airsoft timed grenade -

18-Year-Old Age Restriction - You will be contacted via email to verify your identification prior to your order shipping. Your order will be cancelled if we cannot verify your age.

New for Gen 2:

  • Increased thickness upstands for added strength.
  • Increased length slide dowels.
  • Added radii to minimise deflection.
  • Scalloping around Timer Knob.
  • Increased stiffness Spoon.
  • New Bulkhead joint for improved strength and serviceability.  


  • Zero - 60 second delay time Trip mine, Flashbang or Frag grenade timing.
  • Aircraft grade aluminium base
  • High grade engineering polymer body
  • Advanced CNC machined components
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces
  • Takes .209 primers
  • Size: 45mm Diameter x 135mm High


Package Contents: B1 Device 3 x Safety Pins, Loader rod, Tripwire (3 metres), Instruction manual


The B1 Gen 2 is the pinnacle of airsoft timed grenades on the market currently. With precision engineering components and an unmatched attention to detail, you can be sure that this device will not fail you in its duty.


With almost infinite timing adjustment, you can deploy the B1 Gen 2 in any scenarios to achieve your goal.



  • Modification to this device to accept different munitions will void any warranty and may cause failure of the device.
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