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Airsoft device side view

C1 - 2 Second Delay Airsoft Grenade

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Introducing the "C1" – Pulse Armaments' latest evolution in tactical airsoft gameplay. The C1 is a masterpiece of design, a 2-second delay timed grenade that's set to revolutionize how you engage in your airsoft battles.


Crafted with precision and reliability at its core, the C1 offers an unparalleled tactical advantage. Its robust construction ensures durability under the most demanding conditions, making it a reliable companion in any game scenario. The sleek design not only looks amazing but is also engineered for ease of use, allowing you to focus on your strategy and execution.


The C1's standout feature is its precise 2-second delay, providing a predictable and consistent performance that players can rely on. This short fuse allows for tight control over timing, enabling players to clear rooms, disperse opponents, and create strategic openings with unprecedented precision.


Release Date - Autumn 2024


Key features:


• Precision engineered 2-second fixed delay time

• Robust polymer body with aluminium pressure components.

• Realistic form factor

• Sleek minimalist design

• Serviceable design

• Compatible with B1 blank holders

• Sprung loaded pivoting spoon

    PriceFrom £99.99
    Expected Autumn 2024

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